Hidden causes of chronic sinusitis

Hidden causes of chronic sinusitis

In spite of much of advanced forms of drugs and surgery, an high percentage of the chronic cases of sinusitis cannot be cleared up. And, worse, its incidence increased firmly during the last decade. People suffering from the chronic sinusitis or other nasal problems are in increase in the whole world, interesting in particular of the most developed countries.

It is because the modern approach to deal with problems of sine is concentrated on bacterial infections of release and providing the symptomatic assistance while the chronic sinusitis hid some, the subjacent causes, which if not treated, make all the drugs and surgery ineffective.

The subjacent causes of the sinusitis are defective of system mucociliary, rhinitis (not-allergic) vasomotor, and allergy of mould. It is the primary reasons for which a certain fraction of the people can breathe only by their mouths and is important reasons for which it can be so difficult to treat chronic states of sine. Is below a short explanation of them:

1. The failure of the system mucociliary explains an enormous share of the chronic problems of sine. The system of Mucociliary is a mechanism, that the services to imprison and, with a certain degree, to destroy particles like the foreign pollen and invaders such as viruses, bacteria and other agents infectious in your sines. Since microbes and allergens naps always present in the sky which we breathe, we need this system to function constantly; if it fails, the problems of sine follow and support. And, without recovering system, no surgery or drug, even the strongest antibiotics, will bring a durable remedy.
The defense of Mucociliary is based on the membranes of sines which accomodate two special kinds of cells. These cells produce an overflowing mucus cover which covers everywhere the interior walls of the nose and the sines and include various kinds of enzymes disinfectants which kill or immobilize microbes.

If this normal system of cleaning and defense fails for some reason, the doors of your sines are opened with many airborne microbes. If the system mucociliary remains in a state deteriorated during some time, the problems of sine follow. These problems include not only infections. You can develop allergies or the chronic nasal congestion due to the constant ignition at any age if your system mucociliary becomes debilitated.

In such a condition, the assistance of outside will not give itself the durable relief because the microbes and the allergens are always present in the sky. Some patients, who never obtain the relief of the drugs and the surgery of sine, cannot profit because their system mucociliary does not function correctly to face the microbes and with the airborne allergens.

You cannot always take decongestants; you cannot live for always with pulverizers. Moreover, even if you wanted with, you could not find a drug which would prevent all the viruses from returning to you sick. Thus, you must have your operation of system mucociliary correctly. Unfortunately, however, the current medical approach never worries about it; the really oral antihistamines and the oral decongestants debilitate the system mucociliary with length turn returning to you depend on drugs.

rhinitis 2.Vasomotor: The vasomotor rhinitis is a state of nerve which maintains the passage nasal blocked for any obvious reason. This constant obstruction of nasal air route prepares the ground with the infections of sine.

The vasomotor rhinitis is not rare. She of the experts to the private clinic of Mayo in Minnesota (the United States) claim that the vasomotor rhinitis roughly assigns 17 million people to the United States – children and adults. Because all the number of victims of sine in the USA east 37 million, the vasomotor rhinitis explains almost a half of the cases. Thus, it is certainly a condition which must be treated but it is seldom.

The vasomotor rhinitis cannot be treated with drugs. Thus the pharmaceutical companies never support a study on the vasomotor rhinitis. The scientists who want to study it cannot find funds. Also they cannot share their know-how because no conference or conference on vasomotor treatments of rhinitis is arranged since its treatment does not earn any money. Consequently, the majority of the doctors did not even hear of this important health condition.

But, we discovered that the Russian doctors were completely quite informed about it and treated it since the Sixties. Their treatment is based on some exercises of breathing and the exercises of biofeedback which you can make at the house or the office and completely is successful to him.

3. Fungic allergy: This was discovered in 1999 for the first time but did not obtain the attention until 2002. It is accepted it now that a great majority of chronic victims of sine are also afflicted with this form with allergy without realizing of him. Modern medicine functions now to develop drugs for it. But there is not only one available still. Without counting that what they try to do is to invent a pulverizer antifongic which will kill out of the mycètes inside the sines. It is another reflexion of the principal false idea about the chronic sinusitis: The chronic sinusitis is not a disease which can be cured by releasing an existing infection only. These mycètes and their spores are always present in the sky and can invade your sines constantly. Thus, even if you release from the mycètes inside your sines after some mycètes of time turns over. It is not a treatment. More, as some serious doctors indicate that the fungic allergy comes from a sensitivity of the body towards the airborne mycètes. Thus, the true treatment for the fungic allergy is to eliminate or reduce at least this sensitivity.

It is a point of regret that modern medicine is not concentrated on not hidden, subjacent causes of sinusitis. Consequently, it is not promising to provide a treatment defined for the sinusitis unless an energetic change of approach takes place in a certain near future.