otitis media with effusion and GERD

GERD and otitis media with effusion :

GERD is associated with numerous respiratory conditions. Approximately 10% of patients presenting to ENT specialists have conditions that may be attributed to GERD.( Oelschlager BK, et al; 2005)

One study revealed that GERD is present in 75% of individuals with refractory ENT symptoms, and proton pump inhibitor(PPI) therapy provided symptom relief or reduction in the majority of these individuals.( Poelmans J, et al; 2011)

Otitis media may also be linked to GERD. A study examining otitis media with effusion in adults demonstrated that pepsinogen concentration was higher in middle-ear effusion in patients who reported GERD symptoms. In addition, treatment for GERD with proton pump inhibitors PPIs provided some patients with GERD symptom relief as well as decreasing the concentration of pepsinogen in the effusion. Additionally, research has indicated that patients with chronic rhinosinusitis have an increased prevalence of GERD. These chronic rhinosinusitis symptoms in many patients are reduced when their GERD is treated. Laryngeal symptoms may be associated with GERD. ( Oelschlager BK, et al; 2005)