Sinusitis Symptoms & Treatment

Sinusitis Symptoms & Treatment

Sinusitis symptoms can be painful, with a continually stuffy feeling in the nose.

  • Are you feeling fed up with a runny or stuffy nose?
  • Has your life become miserable with an unnerving splitting headache?
  • Are you suffering from bouts of migraine?

We can help you to relieve sinusitis,
hay fever, migraine and cluster headaches.

What are the benefits of using essential oils?

  • Relieves dull headaches
  • Helps to dry and clear stuffy noses
  • Powerful antiseptic properties to eradicate infection
  • Provides pain relief

What is sinusitis?

This is an infection in the sinal cavity. The sinuses are a bony cavity behind, above and at each side of the nose and opening into the nasal cavity. They act as a sound box to give resonance to the voice. The sinuses are lined with mucous membrane similar to that lining the nose, and infection from the nose can easily spread into them.

Openings from the nose into the sinuses are very narrow, they quickly become blocked when the mucous membrane of the nose becomes swollen during a cold, hay fever or catarrh, and then the infection is trapped inside the sinus.

What are the symptoms?

Acute sinusitis may follow a cold, or be brought on by cold damp air. Acute attacks can be extremely painful, with headaches so severe that it is impossible to move the head without pain.

Chronic (long term) sinusitis gives rise to dull pain, in the forehead and /or the area between eyes and cheekbone, with a continually stuffy feeling in the nose.

you may treat sinusitis and other headaches with a natural home remedy

Would you like some nutritional advice?

Vitamin C

Garlic decongests, detoxifies, and disinfects, so include plenty of fresh garlic in the diet of any body prone to sinusitis.